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Name: Jillian
Age: 12
Review: Better than Harry Potter!
Name: Tracey
Age: n/a
Review: This smart, inventive heroine is a Nancy Drew for the new millenium. Hooray for Autumn Jade!
Name: Vanda
Age: 31
Review: Hadn't read a children's book in years until now. Very entertaining! Many boys & girls will thoroughly enjoy reading this clever mystery! I'm very glad I purchased a couple of extra novels for my nieces. They will have lots of fun reading it. I've kept a copy for myself for the day that the author becomes famous! Well done!Vanda
Name: Sandra
Age: unknown
Review: Great book! The book had me from beginning to end. This is better than Nancy Drew. I look forward to the further adventures of Autumn Jade.
Name: liam
Age: 10
Review: I think it is a great book, and if you like the Hardy Boys,Nancy drew books you will really like Bullets on the Bund!!!!
Name: John
Age: 13
Name: Lou
Age: 10
Review: I really enjoyed reading this book. I usually don't read mystery genre but this book really interested me. I hope you make a fourth book.
Name: Camille
Age: 11
Review: I kept starting this book thinking it was a boring old book and kept putting it down for about a month or 2 untill today when I found it and decided to try and read it again. Well now it's 11:00 at night and I can't stop reading it! I loved how it all fit right together and since I was adopted from China I can sort of relate to the character which made it go along better! I can't wait to read the next one!!!
Name: Sarah
Age: 14
Review: So good I couldn't put it down!
Name: Sandra
Age: unknown
Review: An excellent follow-up to Bullets on the Bund! Aside from it being a great story, I have enjoyed learning more about chinese culture. I'm anxiously awaiting the further adventures of Autumn Jade!
Name: Diane S.
Age: unknown
Review: I purchased both of Steve Whan's Autumn Jade books and am very glad that I did. He's done a great job and should be commended for getting his books published and out there.
Name: William
Age: 9
Review: J.K. Rowling would cry if she read this book!
Name: william kershaw
Age: 9
Review: It's awesome. I read it from cover to cover in 2 hours.
Name: Lucy Taylor
Age: 10
Review: "The Emperor's Pendent" is a buetifully written book and is written with creativity and original ideas. I would recomend it to every chinese adopted girl or boy. I think that the way Steve Whan writes is ensational and I like the way that Autumn Jade has a male friend. It shows that Steve is not making all the charactors female. Also I like how Autumn has a dog. And how Steve includes so many facts about training dogs in the first one. I would highly recomend this book.
Name: william kershaw
Age: 10
Review: Fantastic, enthralling to the last word!

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