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Orphanage- and Province-specific Yahoo! Groups

This is a complete list as of May 27, 2001. A handful of groups that appear to be inactive and are associated with the same orphanage as one of the groups on this list were omitted.

This list will be updated monthly. It is available along with a number of other lists of discussion groups in the Bookmark section of RaisingChinaChildren at

If you have any additions to this list, please e-mail then to Ron Margolin at

There are many orphanages that do not have a group. If your orphanage is not on this list, please consider starting a group. They'll be glad to help.

Anhui Province (language: Dutch):
Anqing (Anhui):
Beihai (Giangxi):
Bengbu (Anhui):
Changde (Hunan):
Changsha (Hunan):
Changshu (Jiangsu):
Chengdu (Sichuan):
Chenzhou (Hunan):
Chongqing (Sichuan):
Chuzhou (Anhui):
Dapu (Guangdong):
Daye (Hubei):
Dianbai (Guangdong):
Fengdu (Chongqing):
Fuzhou (Jiangxi):
Ganzhou (Jiangxi):
Gaoming (Guangdong):
Gaozhou (Guangdong):
Gejiu (Yunnan):
Guangxi Province:
Guangxi Province (language: Dutch):
Guangzhou (Guangdong):
Haikou (Hainan):
Hefei (Anhui):
Henan Province (in Dutch):
Heilongjiang Province:
Hepu (Guangxi):
Hong Kong:
Huainan (Anhui):
Huazhou (Guangdong):
Huazhou (Guangdong): We are a flame free list that works to support each other, our children and the wonderful work of Huazhou Babies Welfare Court.
Hubei Province:
Jiangmen (Guangdong):
Jiangyong (Hunan):
Jiujiang (Jiangxi):
Kunming (Yunnan):
Lanxi (Zhejiang):
Leping (Jianxi):
Lianjiang (Guangdong):
Lianyungang (Jiangsu):
Linchuan (Jiangxi):
Loudi (Hunan):
Lu'An (Anhui):
Maoming (Guangdong):
Meizhou: -- Appears inactive.
Miluo (Hunan):
Nanjing (Jiangsu):
Nanning (Guangxi):
Nantong (Jiangsu):
Pingxiang ((Jiangxi):
Qichun (Hubei):
Qidong (Hunan):
Qingyuan (Guangdong):
Quzhou (Zhejiang):
Shaanxi Province:
Shanghai: -- Appears inactive.
Shanggao (Jiangxi):
Shangrao (Jiangxi):
Shaoyang (Hunan):
Shenyang (Liaoning):
Urumqi (Xinjiang):
Wanzai (Jiangxi):
Wuchuan (Guongdong):
Wuhan - Wuhan SWI (Hubei):
Wuhan - Yunmeng SWI (Hubei):
Wuxue (Hubei):
Xinhui (Guangdong):
Yangdong (Guangdong):
Yangjiang (Guangdong):
Yangzhou (Jiangsu):
Yibin (Sichuan):
Yichang (Hubei):
Yichun (Jiangxi):
Yiwu (Zhejiang):
Yiyang (Hunan):
Yongxiu (Jiangxi):
Yongzhou (Hunan):
Yueyang (Hunan):
Yugan (Jiangxi):
Yujiang (Jiangxi):
Zhanjiang (Guangdong):
Zhuzhou (Hunan):