Sing Song Girls


Having previously read Bullets on the Bund and The Emperorís Pendant, I am happy to encourage Steven to continue to write more children's mysteries. Sing Song Girls is another splendid children's novel now available for children in the Middle Childhood Years to read for themselves. These are those years when children need strong, charismatic heroes and heroines, and Steven Whan's books deliver them.

It is uncommon, but wonderful to see a book character portrayed who is of Asian heritage and joined her family through adoption, paired with characters who lived in the country of her ancestry long ago. Imaginative, fun, chock full of skillfully researched history in China, but most-wonderful-of-all, Steven Whan's offer children born and adopted in China a heroine who is much like themselves to inspire their imagination and dreams. Yet the books are also of great value to many other readers: all children of Asian ancestry and most especially those whose families originated in China; plus all children whose interest is captivated by the intrigues contained in a good mystery.

I'm so honored to have been asked by Steven and his delightful family to provide readers -- new and old -- to enter the world of his charming characters in his new children's mystery. I hope you will relish the adventures just as my children and I have!

Jane Brown, M.S.W.