Download for Free

I've decided to optionally offer my first book Bullets on the Bund as a free download. I'm delighted to do it for several reasons:

  1. I'm already on my second print run -- the book has sold way beyond my initial expectations.
  2. I know that many adoptive families face on-going financial stresses because of the overwhelming adoption costs we've all had to pay off (not to mention any medical procedures that may have preceeded the adoption decision). I want everyone to be able to enjoy my stories, regardless of any financial limitations.
  3. The world is moving on-line. Some people will always want to hold a book in their hands, others will be comfortable with portable readers and computer screens.
  4. Read the book for free. I'm betting that some of you might like it enough to buy the physical book (and hopefully the next books in the series as well). But if you don't, that's okay.

A note for downloaders: download this book for free. Enjoy it. If you feel so motivated, drop me a note and tell me how you used it and what you thought. You can't include the cover art because I pay a royalty to the illustrator. If you want to, go ahead and do buy a copy. But there's no obligation on you to buy it if you've read it. You're not ripping me off -- I'm not in competition with any publisher here (that's the beauty of self-publishing). Thanks for understanding, and I hope you enjoy the book.

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